Leicester Bangs

January 01, 2008 | BY Neil Blunt
Chris Bergson Band - Fall Changes (2 Shirts)

While some albums merely stand the test of time others are timeless. There exists a rich vein of (only) American contemporary music that cannot be defined by its time, place or genre and which cloaks itself in the full spectrum of new world musical traditions, in the process producing the finest that 'rock' can offer. This magnificent collection by Chris Bergson, recorded at Levon Helmís Woodstock studios, follows the Band in drawing intuitively and seamlessly from blues, country, folk, funk, soul and jazz. Bergson has the kind of voice that can be sepia-tinted, whiskey soaked or nicotine stained to fit the requisite style and mood, standing alongside Gregg Allman, Dr. John, Van Morrison and Danko / Helm. A neatly balanced set of self-penned numbers and entirely justified covers (ëAre You Experiencedí is a revelation!) are immaculately played by a tight and energetic band complimenting excellent guitar work with washes of organ and honking sax. Crisply but roundly produced, Fall Changes is an undeniable pointer to a talent with major league potential.