Guitar One

June 02, 2006 | BY Sean McDevitt
Chris Bergson
The Jazz Standard, New York City
GUITAR ONE, June 2006 - BLUES Issue

"Versatile, inspired playing, with vocals to match." - Sean McDevitt

Up-and-comer Chris Bergson and his three-piece band opened their first set by flashing some jazzy instrumental prowess, closed it with a rousing cover of Jimi Hendrix's "Are You Experienced," and in between confidentally hit on R&B, Delta blues, funk, and soul. Bergson, armed with a red Gibson ES-335 and a round tone, brought all his chops to bear on "Come and Gone", a track from the band's ANOTHER DAY (2 Shirts), seamlessly gliding from stinging, single-note runs to fat, jazzy chord textures. He later picked up a Gibson L-5 and delivered a solo rendition of the Skip James-inspired 'Three Sisters', then tacked on Son House's "Death Letter". Versatile, inspired playing, with vocals to match. -SM