April 01, 2005 | BY Freddy Cellis
Chris Bergson Band - Another Day
2 Shirts Records
April 2005

On the CD Another Day by the Chris Bergson Band, all facets of his guitar work pass the review. One should view the title as a metaphor of life itself with its different moments, which is why we find a beautiful collection of different songs on this CD where the magnificent guitar work of Chris Bergson takes center stage and where one can hear influences ranging from James Brown to James Taylor as well as a style of his own. If you like the music of Coltrane, Muddy Waters and The Band, you will definitely like this Chris Bergson Band CD with all it's jazz and blues influences. Just listen to the beautiful decorations of the melody in "Three Sisters/Death Letter" which lasts more than seven minutes. His ear for good melodies ensures that this is not just a CD for guitarists, but for everybody who loves beautiful songs, although there is lots to enjoy for guitarists such as in "Greyhound Station". I could write something about every song but my advice would be: Let yourself be taken by surprise by "Another Day" that in my opinion may last endlessly. Hopefully this will give his previous CDs "Blues for Some Friends of Mine" (1997), "Wait for Spring" (2001) and "Blues" (2003) the attention they deserve because they are definitely worth it. On Another Day, Chris Bergson interestingly mixes modern jazz and blues with an inviting dose of funk. Besides, Chris Bergson's voice is aged and full of soul which accompanies the sound of his four man band perfectly.