Blues Matters

June 02, 2005 | BY Dave Drury

Chris Bergson is a jazz, blues and roots guitarist and his band operates in the New York area. Opening track "Come and Gone" features a swampy groove with tasty clean picking from Bergson and a slinky tenor sax solo from Jay Collins. The rhythm section comprises Chris Berger on bass and Matt Wilson on drums and they provide excellent laid back jazzy grooves especially on the country ballad "High Above The Morning". The tempo rises with "Greyhound Station" which features sturdy drumming from Matt Wilson and honking tenor sax from Jay Collins. "Three Sisters" is a blues inspired by Skip James and features Bergson on guitar and vocals which segues neatly into an excellent cover of Son House's "Death Letter?" Bergson does a good job on this capturing the
intensity of the original. The swinging "Up In Buffalo?" is a jazzy instrumental in the Kenny Burrell style and features clever interplay between the guitar and sax - nice and mellow this one. Closing track "Another Day" is an emotive ballad which features excellent organ from Brian Charette. The playing is good throughout with an overall jazzy, laid back feel - perfect late night listening.