Jazz Hot

October 04, 2005 | BY Michel Maestracci

The song "Come and Gone" has a solid rhythmic foundation, but the song itself is of a lesser caliber. Bergson on guitar is backed by Jay Collins on tenor sax, a traditional pairing. "High Above the Morning", a country blues, benefits from the presence of Brian Charette on organ. The organ's tone enhances and tightly pulls together the mood of "Another Day". Bergson's voice changes and evolves throughout the album. He moves easily from a funky blues with beautiful guitar parts ("Greyhound Station") to an atmosphere inspired by Skip James. His playing of "Three Sisters" on acoustic guitar makes one wonder whether Bergson himself doesn't come from deep in the Mississippi delta. While he has a good voice, it is his guitar playing that distinguishes him and places him in the ranks of Norah Jones and Annie Ross. With ANOTHER DAY, his fourth CD, this jazz guitarist confirms once more that he belongs to the kingdom of blues. Bergson is a complete artist who reveals a little more each day.