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April 15, 2004

Chris Bergson is a guy usually found firmly rooted in jazz, where he is known as a guitar virtuoso. With the album 'Blues', he is paying jazz' cousin blues a visit, his approach in a sort of B.B.King-like idiom. And it sounds great. Chris Bergson on guitar and vocals, Brian Charette on Hammond B3 and Matt Wilson on drums,-no†bass, no rhythm guitar, only Bergson's soulful playing resolutely responding to whatever he happens to sing, while an evocative B3 creates a constantly rocking backdrop.

'Blues' consists of five tunes recorded live at the†New York club Smoke last fall. It is clearly reflective of Bergsons musical upbringing, his parents exposing him to everything from Muddy Waters to Buddy Miles, and what wonders such an upbringing has worked!
Considering the quality of this music, I hope Bergson decides to make his next venture into the realm of blues a full-length album. In the meantime, we will just have to discover Bergson the jazz guitarist.