Cadence Magazine

July 01, 1998 | BY Jim Santella

The guitar trio format works well for Chris Bergson's mix of Jazz and blues. Half are his compositions and half are by well-known Jazz composers. The guitarist has a lyrical approach and clear articulation, which he employs on this session to create a mood of sadness and melancholy. Even Bud Powell's "Oblivion," with its speeding tempo and syncopated bebop twists, find the leader expressing a floating blues-like melody. Bassist Dwayne Burno and saxophonist Doug White alternate with Bergson on several tracks to supply the same kind of heartfelt delivery. Burno is a strong empathetic player with finely honed skills. His solo spot on the title track offers a particularly effective look at the bassist's product. On "Guod Ethiw" saxophonist Doug White follows Bergson's lead with a full and confident tenor sound which is gritty, soulful, and from the blues tradition. Greg Bandy is featured on Billy Strayhorn's "U.M.M.G." with a variety of textures that serve to complement Bergson's melodic guitar.

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The Review of Jazz & Blues : Creative Improvised Music
Vol. 25 No. 5 | May 1999