Barrelhouse Blues

"A well crafted recording by a master craftsman."

April 25, 2011

This is a subtly seductive recording. It didn't immediately grab us. Instead, it slowly captivated us and grew on us with each repeated play - it drew us in. The mostly original songs are well crafted - and so is Chris's guitar playing. A well crafted recording by a master craftsman is how we'd tend to describe it. Chris's guitar eschews the gimmicky trappings of so many of today's artists - and therein lies the beauty of it. A pure unadulterated tone. One that allows the listener to really hear the nuances in Chris's playing. The subtle expressiveness is there for the discerning listener - very refreshing in today's over processed world of pedal saturated guitar players. This is honest music. Performed honestly by a song writer, singer, guitarist and artist that knows his craft and knows it well. Give it a listen - a good listen, and let it capture you.