September 05, 2008 | BY Tony Russell

MOJO - October 2008 - Blues Album of the Month
Chris Bergson Band - Fall Changes (2 Shirts)

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A Brooklyn five piece you probably never heard of - but you have now, and will again.
One of the major themes in blues is a sense of place, and this band lay down their local credentials in the opening track about a Brooklyn neighborhood, Gowanus Heights.† The catchy melody, stabbing horns and fervent vocal also establish that these guys could strip down the engine of a soulbluesmobile and put it back together blindfold. Ok so far, but there are several bands that fit that description. The Chris Bergson Band's USPs [unique selling points] are their leader's craggy singing, a powerful spirit with flavours of Ray Charles and Tom Waits, and clever, uncliched songs devised by him and his writing partner, Kate Ross, such as the title number, Gowanus Heights, Latitude and Rain Beatin' Down, the last with Blind Willie Johnsonesque slide guitar.
- Tony Russell