Roll Magazine

by Crispin Kott | June 2011

The news that Keith Richards is spending some of his Stones downtime keeping his riffs engine warm by recording another album with the X-Pensive Winos must have come as welcome news to the legend's legions of fans. But while they wait for the album to arrive, those Keef enthusiasts might consider giving Chris Bergson Band a listen.

Imitate the Sun, Bergson's latest album, combines all the rock, blues, and soul influences Richards has always worn on his sleeve, with subtle traces of what might have been had Gram Parsons stuck around a little longer. The title track, with its saxophone and organ working in perfect harmony with Bergson's soulful voice and strafing guitar licks, is perhaps Imitate the Sun's most telling number. But there are certainly others, the 10 songs on the album running a line up and down the spine of rock & roll.
'Shattered Avenue' is a moody blues number straight from the Bayou, while 'Mr. Jackson' is straight up soul and blues, a shuffling beat reminiscent of the 1970's.
Four of the album's songs are covers, the best of which is 'Standing in the Doorway,' a Dylan number that closes out the set in grand fashion. Over more than eight minutes, the band stretches out and fully experiences the music, both in the material and the performance.
Imitate the Sun manages to sound classic without being a pastiche of its influences.